Don’t spill!

While preparing breakfast today, I was a bit mixed up with my thoughts wandering. I spilled some coffee onto the floor which in a normal household wouldn’t be such a matter as it is in ours. I mopped it up, we had breakfast and I did the dishes. All at normal level so far. When I saw John pouring coffee into two more cups until the edge and placing spoons beside them on the saucers, I knew I was going to pay for my inattention. And I was right.

He made me stand straight with arms spread, palms facing upward, and placed the cups into my hands. I was told not to spill any coffee and then left for some minutes. Although I’m quite strong, I felt my arms start to shake slightly, but all was well comfortable and enjoyable until John showed up with a wooden spoon I usually use for cooking. I was given some severe strikes and no matter how hard I tried not to spill, I couldn’t make it. At least I ended up on my knees cleaning the floor with my tongue while John was having a neat ride. Wow, I am totally thrilled by that living-together-thing 🙂


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