Perfectly Ruined

“Are you kidding, boy? Is that precum dripping on my floor?”

It was that question that sealed my fate yesterday. I was kneeling on the kitchen floor (why is it always that kitchen floor? I assure you, we do have others floors, too 🙂 ) all naked with John sitting on a chair right in front of me and fully dressed in a grey suit with black, shiny leather shoes. Every now and then he grazed my locked up cock with his foot very gently but apart from that did nothing except reading the newspaper. Then it happened that I lost some poor drops of precum which were merely to be seen on the floor. But sure John saw them and placed his question.

I think in every game a sadist and a masochist play, there’s a point that’s meant to be the question if or if not there will be more. You can decide whether you engage in it or not. And sure I did. Yesterday it’s been 51 days without climaxing and hell, I was so horny! But in BDSM as we like it, we do not rush. We like it if set and setting are perfect and if pain and pleasure are extended to the ultimate. So John told me to go upstairs and position myself on a wooden bench we use for caning, but he took his time to follow. I believe it’s one of the most stunning and exciting moments to know what awaits you but to keep patient until it happens because your mind is running wild and your body aches for that pain and pleasure. But again, no rush. I like it so much if John enters the room, carefully takes off his jacket, tucks up the sleeves and then ponders aloud on the question if he shall use a paddle or a leather strap or perhaps the cane? A part of me always thinks he should use them all one after another, but of course I remain silent as I have not been asked for my opinion.

No hurry, still. My Master took his time again to set the first strike. It’s always a relief to feel the first slap. It prepares your skin for more and actually calms down the flattering mind as it is really happening, finally. I do not count the strikes if I am not told to do so, which lets me drift. Slaps with a strap are not as painful as slaps with paddles and being caned is in fact the most painful way of receiving a punishment because the cane is very thin and extremely flexible. Caning can cause severe injuries but well, I sort of like it when I can’t sit on my buttocks for several days afterwards. It feels like my Master left his lovemarks on me and I really adore it.

Unneccessary to say that I lost even more precum during the caning and at least John made me beg him to take off the Birdlock and please touch me. And he did! I was to sit at his feet and he gently started unlocking me, of course with no rush at all. It’s a distinctive pleasure to watch him opening the lock and taking off the device. It increases the horniness because I dream about what might happen next. Perhaps I’d be allowed to cum? I had loved to, but John took a look at his watch und instructed me: I’d have 3 minutes to touch myself. Cumming within these 3 minutes would result in 6 weeks of being locked without even being touched. After the 3 minutes were over, I had 5 seconds to climax. If I didn’t manage to do so, this would be a pity but at least my own problem as I then would be locked up again. I really tried my best but masturbating while time is ticking out is actually none of my abilities. After about one and a half minute I would have been able to cum, but stopped, then began again. It needed only a few seconds to bring me on the edge again, so I paused again. Started, paused, started, and then failed to cum as time was over and John counted down the 5 seconds. He regretful shook his head and clicked with his tongue. “You couldn’t do it, honey”. Obviously not.

But John saw that I was on the verge of tears and he knew how desperate I was. It was the first real chance to climax I had been given for 51 days. He very kindly decided that at least I should be allowed to have a ruined orgasm to release pressure a bit. He watched me touching myself until I was egding again and then ruined the orgasm with some well placed not too hard strikes on my balls. I was a perfect ruined orgasm with cum flowing not squirting. Beautiful but nevertheless sad in some way. John held my cock very tenderly until it was soft again, then locked me up. I was sad and happy as well when I crawled up inside his arms later. It’s weird, but within this discomfort I find real pleasure. Today I am a bit more centered than I was the last days.

In agreement with John I will write about our games more often, but again I feel like I have to state that my blog is for adults only!


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