Visits On The Other Side

It is familiar to me that people “journey” to the other side to contact Gods and to ask for answers, as my friends W, S and C use to do so and tell me about it. It is the term “journey” that I don’t get a grip on, probably because I am not able to enjoy unplanned trips as I am bound to structure and form. S suggested I might rather call it a visit on the other side which implies that I don’t have to stay there for long and that I don’t need to prepare myself as much as for a journey. I wonder why I always fiddle about single terms and words instead of focussing on the actual subject!

I have already written about my ways of getting into contact with Lord Shiva. They are pujas, dreams and keeping an open mind for accidental thoughts or words or so that plop up in my mind or others tell me. But I thought it may perhaps be a safer, more direct way to contact Lord Shiva on such a “visit” on the other side. Nice idea, really, but I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t try to break it all down into something which can be achieved by following technical instructions. So I ask W and S for help, but first of all they said one thing I really fear: there are no rules. Ugh!

You may or may not use certain kinds of music. You may or may not want to burn incense. You may or may not want to try it during different times of day or night. You may or may not lie still or move or dance or shake yourself. You may or may not need those visits at all.

That sounds quite discouraging to me as I sense too many possibilities to make mistakes. Might be I lack in trust again, but how do you know what is correct when there are no rules to follow? I fear Lord Shiva might think I’m a jerk if I can’t do it right. Or could it be that’s one lesson I have to learn? To just have trust and try it out?


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