What About Fun?

S read my last post and said briskly, I often sound as if I had no fun at all as I try to break things down into technical processes. I couldn’t get that out of my mind and so I reflected on the question from which things I draw fun and recreation. This is:

  • spending time with John and my friends (when I am with them, I feel save and can relax!)
  • it is a good feeling to be able to handle my chores and I like my space clean and tidy
  • reading
  • being outside in my garden or hiking
  • drawing
  • things I am used to
  • being surrounded by things I like, for example my old and outworn couch
  • watching films
  • snuggling with John
  • playing chess

There might be even more things which provide me with fun such as eating and of course having sex, but I think those are fun for almost everone, aren’t they?


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