Our trip to Berlin was gorgeous but nonetheless demanding. I felt very stressed on thursday when we went off, but during the jorney John kept me occupied with mathematical riddles, regular cups of tea and a quick blowjob on the noisy train toilet. He had granted me to travel without the Birdlock, to “allow to release stress”, if I needed to. Well, I needed to, but more of that later. Plus, he put cuffs around my wrists. Not those leather cuffs with D-rings we use in games, but cuffs made from a stretchy and quite soft material, which are usually used for stabilizing the wrists, and which are understated enough to wear them in public. When enclosed, I feel safe, and they did their job.

Berlin was quite a surprise to me. Although the city is big, most people are very friendly and relaxed. It doesn’t seem to be such a big deal if you’re gay and holding hands in public as it is in the city we live. People are more tolerant. We spent the days strolling around the city, visiting the KaDeWe and the Egyptian Museum, eating (too much), taking photographs and just having a good time. Now and then, there were situations which stressed me, for example as a woman tried to flirt with John until he introduced “his partner” to her, but all in all I’ve been ok.

One thing I know for sure is that it’s no good for me to be unlocked, not at the moment. John permitted me to masturbate whenever I wanted to to release stress and to offer me a kind of bonus for the stress I’d go through during our trip. It started out quite innocent, but on friday my thoughts were spinning around sex and climaxing all the time. Sure it’s prickling, but I was so fixated on thoughts about having sex that I started to lose focus on the things we were doing in that moment. “Honey, look, such a beautiful work of art.” Oh yes, kinda cock, innit? “What do you want for lunch?” A good fuck, Dear. “I hope we’ll catch a taxi.” I hope the driver doesn’t mind me giving you a blowjob. So on early friday afternoon I begged my Master to please encase me again. It did not feel good to be so over-horny as it drew my attention away from moment and changed my loving feelings for John into pure sexual longing. When the lock was barely closed, I felt great relief.

Apart form the more ostensible fun we had, I think your relationship has even deepend. Perhaps it was because we could try out how it feels to use the pet names “Dad” and “son” away from our normal surroundings. Well, still my heart jumps if John calls me son, and still it costs me effort to call him “Dad”, but still I feel snug with it. Moreover, I often thought that I’d love to be more for John that just a friend. I’d like to hear him say “…and this is my husband”. But John made it clear that I’d have to wait until he asks me.


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