Unexpected Relief

When I came home yesterday, John was already there and had prepared dinner. Usually it is my duty to cook but every now and then John joins in or does all the cooking if he wants to eat something English “in proper style” which usually leads to the generous use of HP sauce and vinegar 🙂 We had dinner and I told him about the visit on the other side. Afterwards, I did the dishes and made tea. In the livingroom I snuggled up inside John’s arms and we talked about the day and our plans for the weekend, but I felt he was cuddly. He began stroking and kissing me and I very quickly became aroused. I just love to smell and taste him and feel his stubbles on my skin. It became clear that he wanted more, but I was surprised that he did not want me to satisfy him but instead he wanted to play with me. Uhm. Usually I assume that it would be just sort of tease and denial, but yesterday I could feel it wasn’t though I was not sure and stayed a bit cautious LOL Well, that’s probably the reason why I think T&D is so gorgeous.

I was lucky enough to be released from the Birdlock and John began jerking me but then paused until I calmed down a bit, then began again. He knows my body so well, knows every motion and is able to read me like an open book. When I was on the edge, he stopped again and just kissed me with his tongue playing around my mouth. “D’you want me to suck ya?”. Hu? Hell, yes! I was totally freaking out because he usually never sucks me because he thinks sucking should be done by subs only. But he did and I was like OH MY GOD! But again he kept me edging until I was dripping precum like a broken tap and he paused. “That’s what I want to see.” I know, Love. He began sucking again and not long until I humbly asked whether I might cum. “Not yet.” Heck! He slapped my balls to cool me down, then started again until I was edging again. Well, edging sounds nice but in fact it’s very demanding on both mental on physical levels. I was already shaky and panting like furious, but John just kept me edging and slapped my balls when it came too close to an orgasm. I really don’t know how long he went on for it seemed to be hours (it was not, as I later found out). Sooner or later it somes to the point when ball slapping does no longer prevent me from climaxing, so John added some severe slaps in the face. Not helpful as I like being hit that way.

And then he decided it was time to let me climax. It was so intense, I nearly could not enjoy it, but I was very thankful. Afterwards I was totally worn out and weak, just lying there in my Master’s arms. These unexpected orgasms are part of the game. I never know when I am to climax next time, whether it will be a day or a month, perhaps even longer. It’s exactly that arbitrariness that puts John in charge and makes me feel at his mercy. I love this.


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