Need Some Comfort(er)

Now my Love is gone and it will be until next friday until we meet again. Sigh. Probably I’ve had enough time yet to arrange with the fact that John has to travel regularly, but I have not really managed to do so. I miss him in every single second and I am worried about him, too. Will the flight turn out well? Will he be ok? And I can’t fight feelings of anxiousness because I fear he might meet someone he likes more than me, although John has made it clear that he loves me and wants to be with me. Sigh again. That fucking insecurity. Forgive me, Love, I know I am not to curse, but that’s what I think. When you read this, you are probably already in your hotelroom, and I try to imagine you sitting on that bed, reading this and perhaps smile at your boy’s ponderings. You know I will stick my nose into the shirt you left for me so often that by tuesday I won’t be able to smell you in the fabric, and that will increase my desire to have you near. I miss you. I started missing you while you were still here. Crazy, hu? I can’t wait to see you again on friday, but until then…well, I hope you’ll have a good time. Love ya so…

John did not let me cum, instead he chose to play around with me as it seems to me for the whole weekend. Prolonged T&D that drove me nuts LOL As I have stated before, he has developed the idea that I should be able to ejaculate while still wearing the Birdlock, just by teasing my balls, but heck, I does not work out. I just leak precum like crazy, but that’s it. Sorry, Love. I’d say perhaps you’d have to try harder, but I know this won’t be possible 🙂

John said I am allowed to drop the task he gave to me on November 25th, but he gave another task to me which might turn out to be even harder, altough it takes less time. Have I ever mentioned he refuses to slow down when he got something into his head? 🙂 I tend to hestitate while he pushes the frontiers further. Well, that’s fine, most times. If he had left it to me, I guess I still would not wear that Birdlock, but he just bought one, and that’s it. So now my Love has bought a comforter for me. Hell, yes, he really did! I was like laughing and crying when he presented me with it on Saturday LOL It’s a big one, not for kids but for adults, usually used in speech therapy. How does John know? Because he told the chemist that he needs a comforter for his partner and the chemist (God bless him) asked whether his partner would need it for speech therapy and John (God bless him either) said yes. Oh my, did I mention that chemist knows me as well? Awkward! But that’s nothing John cares about 🙂 I tried to argue against that dummy, but John just claimed that all my confusing thoughts and feelings concerning it would stop when I started to suck it. They did not. It did not help that John kissed me very tenderly but denied me to kiss him back in order to keep sucking that dummy. Ugh, I never felt kissing was that thrilling. And it did not help that he whispered into my ear that it’s not so far from sucking cock. Emm…probably not… So this week I have to get used to the comforter, as John put it in words. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. How I manage to do so while visiting S and C or W is not John’s problem. Ok. I’m fine with that. It’s odd but somehow I like it. But I doubt this may stop the confusing thoughts. Seriously!


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