We had a beautiful evening. After dinner we just sat in the living room, John reading the newspaper, I trying to read a book. Trying, of course, because I still could not keep my eyes off him 🙂 After a while he asked whether I’d think he’d be able to read while I was staring at him. Uh, sorry.  Nah. I tried to focus on the book but it did not work properly, so John said after a while that he had enough of my behaviour (well, that’s actually what any sub likes to hear LOL) and told me to pull down my trousers and come on his lap. Finally! 🙂 Might sound odd, but even caressing and kissing is not that intense for me as a good hard spanking is and I have missed it very, very much indeed. And so did John. When he suddenly worked on me with a small leather paddle, I knew he had prepared that, and that of course thrilled me even more. To make it short, John took his time, several hours to be precise. At 1 in the morning I found myself tied to the bed, waxed, gagged and red from strokes, when Master decided to take off the Birdlock at long last. Gees. I did not have a stiffy since November 20th, not to talk of an orgasm and my “blue” balls felt more like black balls LOL Hurt so good. Master made it very clear that he’s the only one to decide where, when, how often and if at all I am allowed to cum and I was like begging on the verge of tears when he finally made me cum just by slapping my cock with a quirt. Oh my. Not a real orgasm, not really ruined either, just awesome. And on the edge of what I could stand LOL He locked me in again, allowed me to clean myself from wax and stuffed that dummy into my mouth when I finally nestled into his arms. My first night with a dummy was absolutely successful. Guess I was too done for anything else. I slept like a baby, literally.

When I woke up, I had lost the comforter, but that was ok with him. I was surprised when he unlocked me and permitted me to masturbate while he fucked me and it felt intense and wonderful. Afterwards, we had to do the shopping and my Love was extremly cuddly and affectionate. His way to show me that he missed me. How cute is that? He bought a package of cookies for children for me and another package of that cornflakes. Sooner or later I will have to think of an alternative for those because they contain loads of sugar which does not work well for me, but for today I am just content. This evening we will meet with my brother and his wife for dinner and afterwards the four of us will be visiting the Christmas market to drink some hot spiced wine. John already said that I’ll be allowed to drink fruit punch for children. He pretends that this is something special and overemphasizes the word “children” 🙂 But I never drink alcohol anyway. John added: “No, you don’t, but you never before drank fruit punch while having a comforter hanging around your neck”. Well, I hope I will be permitted to have it hidden underneath my clothes. I’m ok with the fact that my friends and even my bro know about this (hey guys :-)), but I don’t need the whole town to know.

One more thing I found on the web LOL

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