I think there are different types of orgasms. First of all, the quick one for relief only, reached in very few minutes by just going ahead. Not so intense. Then, if you go much slower and take some time, the orgasm intensifies, probably because the mind takes part in this. Physical stimulation and imagination, there you are. Beyond these two types of more or less “normal, everyday” orgasms (not talking about chastity) lies the realm of what I’d call extraordinary and very intense orgasms, most times sparked by interaction with a partner who seems to know you and your body better than you do 🙂 I thought I’d already know the different stages of these superb orgasms, but John proved me wrong yesterday. Of course I experience orgasms more intense in general since I’ve been kept in chastity, but this one almost passed me out LOL

When Master came home from work, we had dinner, and while doing the dishes he placed a butt plug made of glass inside of me. It’s not a huge one, but as it’s made of glass, it’s quite heavy and I can feel it very well, if I move or not. And then, nothing. John just said, he’d like some tea while reading in the livingroom. Later we just sat there, he reading and I trying not to concentrate too much on that plug. I’ve been in so many situations like these with Master pretending not to witness my horniness and trying to keep calm, but still they kick. If I get nervous and move too often, he might look up and say “behave yourself”, so there I am, my mind running wild imagining all the kinky things I’d like to be done to me, while he just does nothing at all. Ugh.

Very, very much later Master put his book aside and told me to come over. He started kissing me, and there are probably different types of kissing, either. I thought I knew everything about kissing before I met John, but I was wrong. I don’t know why exactly, but with him kissing turns out to be more arousing than a lot of other things former mates did to me. Just to be so near, to hear his breath, feel his stubbles, his warm, greedy tongue and how he draws me near….and then that sensation of the Birdlock, preventing any hardening, and the plug. What elso would you need to drive that poor boy nuts? John of course took his time and didn’t let the arousal increase too fast. I guess that’s why I never know for sure where it will lead, whether I will be released from the device and luckily even be stimulated or not. So my mind runs movies of former delights, of hopefully-to-come delights as well. Since I’ve given up the right to decide about my own orgasms, they’ve become more precious to me. In former days I just consumed them mindlessly, but nowadays I really honor each and every orgasm Master allows me.

Later on, he allowed me to deep throat him. In my younger days I did not like deep throat as I felt on the verge of drowning, but I have learnt how to breathe properly and really enjoy it to have Master so deep inside, filling me up. And at that point of time he brought the clothes-pegs into the game. One does not hurt so much (unless it’s placed on my nipples or on the bell-end), but having about 20 of them on myself is more then just ticklish. Gees, I was leaking precum. That’s one thing Master really likes, to find that wet spot in my underwear that tells him his boy is complete horny but can’t touch hisself without permission. He released me and started very tenderly playing around with me. Just one stroke there, then pause. One stroke and a light slap, pause. And during all this stimulation I still had him deep inside of my mouth, trying to concentrate on breathing and choking. But Master changed the setting, put that dummy inside my mouth and those glorious handcuffs around my wrists (he reads this blog and I guess that’s why, hu?) and then kept kissing and gently stroking me. Very slowly. Then increased the speed, just to slow down again. Not long until I was on the edge and Master liked to keep me there. “May I please cum?”. “No.” But he kept stimulating me. “Behave yourself. Don’t you dare cumming”. Oh God, um, how about baseball? Christmas? That dirty kettle I had to clean at work? “May I pleeeaaaase come, Sir? Please…!” “No.” “I can’t hold it back.” “You better do or it may be 100 long days until I release you again”. Ok, that helped, at least for a moment. Quickly he brought me back to the edge. “May I cum now?” “Stop asking, boy, I’ll tell you!”


Sooner or later (most times later) it gets so intense that I feel like I am no longer able to cum at all. I am so horny, so needy, that my body just quits. That’s the point of time when I lose grip of my normal consciousness. I am just panting, wishing to be fucked, completely out of myself and well, willing to do most everything. And that’s the point of time when I accept anything, even that urethral-stretcher I normally refuse. It hurts, really, and it makes everything ways, ways more sensitive. John shoved it up my cock and told me to lie still in ordner not to injure me and when he finally placed it, he came next to me and started whispering, kissing, stroking. Very gently, very slowly. I was whimpering while Master suggested he might just keep on for a few minutes like this and then lock me in again. Oh no, oh no, oh no… “I think I’ll have a shower. Let’s see how you are when I return”. That was evil. But he left me and I could hear him next door. It did not help as I imagined him, naked, and the pegs and the stretcher and the plug still in their places. When Master finally returned, he told me to come on my knees and fucked me. I guess there are a few ways to fuck your boy and I like it very hard, almost brutal, with getting spanked, my hair torn and being told how useless I am. I was on the verge of climaxing (but of course could not due to that stretcher) when John did cum. I like to feel that but I like it even more when he puts that plug back in place without me losing even one drop of sperm. “Keep that in place for me, son”. “How long?” “Until I tell you to drop”. Gees!

After climaxing, Master was gentle with me. He carefully pulled out the stretcher, leaving my cock sensitive as hell, and began stroking me again. As I have said before, I am not to receive a blowjob but I had liked to very much. Feeling his soft tongue would have been perfect, but I don’t want to complain, of course not. He took his time to bring me on the edge again and when I again wheesped “may I cum, please, Sir?” he said “Yes, cum for me”. I have been out of myself before but then I felt like being drunk. While he masturbated me, his other hand seemed to be everywhere, on that plug, on the pegs, everywhere. I could not control myself, my body shook like crazy and the orgasm seemed to last forever. Master whispered into my ear “I can fill you up and empty you again, just as I wish”. Isn’t that what every sub wants to hear? I’d call that some kind of spiritual love and sex, that feeling that there are no boundaries, that I’d give myself to Master completey, trusting him, loving him THAT way.

I slept like a baby but I had very kinky dreams. Only this morning John tenderly removed the plug and I felt his cum running out of me, leaving a big wet spot in my underwear I will wear the whole day. I can’t find that dirty. It’s just a reminder of what can’t be described in words. Love you, Sir, and thank you so much.


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