Budget Offerings

Via Sólveig I came across the question what one could give to a Deity as budget offering and here are my personal favourites:

  • one bite of my meal. Even when I had very little money, I still would eat.
  • findings such as acorns, stones, fir cones and so on.
  • prayers, mantras and chants.
  • fire.
  • tobacco from found fag butts (would need time to collect it, and I think time can be an offering as well).
  • Karma Yoga: doing something for another person without expecting any reward.
  • hair. And shaving, too. I have very long hair and sometimes John asks me to get it cut which indeed is a sacrifice for me. Shaving one’s beard or pubic hair can be an offering as well.
  • remain silent for a certain span of time.
  • fasting. Either eating nothing or abstain from certain foods or drinks. I myself fast alcohol for a few years now and meat and dairy as well.
  • pain. I suppose that’s the BDSM part of an offering 🙂
  • sperm, urine, blood and sweat, though I’d refuse to offer blood. I have injured myself long enough and don’t want to do it as a religious service.
  • chastity.

When I think it over, more and more budget offerings come into my mind. And it seems to me that a lot of things in connection with BDSM serve as an offering for my Dom. I hope this does not offend any religious feelings, but BDSM has a lot to do with spiritual experiences for me.


2 thoughts on “Budget Offerings

  1. ah, da sind aber interessante sachen bei!
    haare habe ich auch schon geopfert, sie mir teilweise von schulterlang radikal abrasiert. für mich fühlte sich das allerdings jedesmal wie eine befreiung an – es hat mich keine überwindung gekostet.

  2. Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir says:

    DAS sind alles tolle Sachen 🙂 🙂 🙂

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