The Next Step

Yesterday John decided he wanted to go hiking a bit after breakfast, so we drove to a hiking area about 30 min away from home. After two and a half hours, which is quite a short trip for us, we were back at the car. We took off the raincoats and John changed shoes, then nestled into the seat and said “komm her, du hast was zu erledigen”. Guess what 🙂 When he had cum, he said that he’d need to pee and that I’d hopefully not spill a drop of it. Well, yes, I drink pee. I said, I’d need to pee as well and wanted to get off the car, when John said, I should stay where I am and that I’m not allowed to relieve myself. As I have stated before, this type of control is part of the game we play, so I was thinking nothing bad. We drove home. During the drive it grew a bit more desperate, and when John parked tha car, it already hurt a little. We entered the house, took off the shoes and I hung up the raincoats in the bathroom, when John entered. He stroked my back and murmured into my ear “you are still not to pee. Come with me”. I obeyed and we went to the kitchen where he told me to stand in the middle of the room. “Stand straight, son”. I did. John prepared a cup of tea for himself, sat down and watched me while he was sipping the tea. My feet grew cold as I had no shoes on. “May I put on shoes?” “No.” “May I pee?” “No.” He started reading the newspaper, while drinking tea and pretending to have forgotten about me.

It was very uncomfortable, I tell you. Meanwhile I really needed to pee, I was thirsty and my toes were already numb. I could not glance at the clock, but I think I have stood there for about 45 min when John put away the newspaper and came over to me. “Tell me, how are you”. I answered honestly, but he was not content until he had convinced himself that I really, really deperately needed to pee by massaging my bladder. Ugh! Usually I like the feeling of needing to pee, but if I have to hold it for too long, it becomes painful. I had to smile faintly and asked “Sir, do you want me to wet my pants?” “No.” But he kept stroking my belly. “How urgent is it?” “Very urgent, Sir. May I please go to the bathroom?” “No, you may not. Stop bothering me with that”. He gave me a long, warm kiss, then went to the sink. I suddenly felt weak. My legs hurt, my feet were icecold, not to talk about my bladder. I wanted to have a cup of tea and relax. John put on the water. First, I wondered why, but then my body instinctively reacted to the hissing of the water and I started to lose pee. Oh no! “Sir, I’ve got a problem”. “Hold it!” “I can’t!” “Hold it!” But it was too late and as I have to admit, it was just too good to let it loose. John turned off the water and came over to me, inspecting me standing in a puddle of piss, with my pants all wet. He shook his head regretfully and clicked with his tongue as he circulated around me. “For heaven’s sake, son, look what you’ve done.” Yeah, that was quite a mess. “Did I tell you to wet your pants?” No, Sir. “Did I tell you to piss inside my kitchen?” No, Sir. “Why on earth would you do that? Has nobody ever taught you that you’re only to piss while sitting on a toilet?” (I am not allowed to pee standing). Uhm, yes, Sir. I am sorry, please excuse me.

Master seemed to enjoy my abashment and looked at me for quite a long time. Then he left without a word and I heard him going upstairs, but he was back quickly. He had brought my dummy and a paddle with him and put the dummy in my mouth. “Suck that, little. Might comfort you while I punish you for that misbehaviour”. Ugh. He told me to lower my jeans and inspected me again very closely standing in front of him in my wet boxers. He took out his mobile and took some photographs of me. Meanwhile I felt really very cold, but he did not mind and just instructed me to lower my boxers as well and stand straight with my hands folded behind my head. Then he gave me a hard spanking. I am used to a lot of pain, but heck, that hurt. “It’ll be alright, son, I’ll take care of you”. Thank you, Sir. Standing straight and thanking my Master for the pain he inflicts on me of course arouses me and after my butt was deep red, he put away the paddle, tenderly kissed me and stroked my butt and my back. “You will learn not to wet your pants, son, won’t ya?” Yes, Sir, of course. “Good boy.” Unneccessary to add that I was leaking precum in drops.

On a note pad he wrote down “I have wet my pants” and told me to hold that in front of me while still standing straight and then again took some pictures of me. I felt ashamed and cold and uncomfortable, but he told me to stay that way until he’d return. By now it was dim outside and he turned on the light when he left. Usually nobody can see inside the kitchen, but as I stood in the middle of the room, I feared I might be seen, with my pants down and holding up that message. John took his time and when he returned, I felt almost sick from shame and frostiness. “Undress and put your clothes in that bag, then clean the floor”. Yes, Sir. I did as he commanded while he again put the kettle on. When I was finished, he had prepared some fennel tea, but obviously not for me as he just told me to follow him upstairs. He turned on the shower and I was very happy when the warm water brought back the feeling into my feet 🙂 He left for a few minutes, then again returned, naked. He came into the shower as well and I saw he had brought something. A  bottle of shower gel with a pirate on it, obviously for children. I did not know what to say and just kept calm while he began washing me tenderly. “D’you feel better, son?” Yes, Dad, thank you. I leaned my head on his shoulder and just enjoyed the warm water and his hands stroking my back, but I could not keep my eyes from the key to my Birdlock that he carries on a chain. To my surprise he smiled and unlocked me carefully, then washed me carefully. Of course I had an instant hard-on. “Is that supposed to be good behaviour, hu? Getting hard while Dad’s washing you?” Uhm, probably not. But he just kept smiling and did not stop touching me until I was on the verge of cumming, then took his hands off. Ugh! He towelled himself off first, then me and then applied pirate cream on me. Hhhh, I did not know how to feel about that.

He jocked me to the bedroom and what I saw and the bed took my breath away. “C’mon, don’t be shy. I know you’ve been wanting that for a long time”. Ugh, have I? “Little boys who wet their pants need diapers, don’t they?” My mind was like OH NO OH YES OH FUCK OH NO OH YES PLEEEEAAASE!!! But Master did not accept reluctance and made me lay down on the open diaper. Yeah, Love used his holiday to full capacity and went shopping a bit, I guess.

It’s hard for me to describe my feelings. I felt ashamed and ridiculous, on the ege of tears and desperate. On the other hand being put into diapers felt good, like something I have missed my whole life. It felt warm and soft and in a strange way very common. John lay down next to me and held me in his arms “Thirsty?” Yeah, sure. But I was not prepared for the baby bottle he produced out of nowhere. Hhhh! I can’t, I just can’t. I had to cry, but John made pacifying noises and at least I could drink from the bottle. It’s odd. I don’t mind pain or being fucked in public or being humiliated or drinking piss, but that was almost too much for me. It touched me like hardly anything before. It made me tremble inside. John was very sweet, he gave me enough time to become familiar with the sucker and allowed pauses and during the whole time he whispered loving things to me and kept stroking my head and belly. When I was finished, I was absolutely tired and Dad allowed me to nestle inside his arms and fall asleep.

Later, we had dinner and talked a lot about it. John said that he had liked to fuck with me but as he saw that it moved me that much he thought it might be better just to slow down. He wanted to find out how I’d like to be put in diapers and how it’d feel for him as well because the two of us have never done that before. For me, it was demanding because it aimed into feelings I have blocked up forever as it seems. It’s one thing to be fucked, but it’s another to be taken care of that way. I have not been able to wet the diaper, but John said that just might need some more time, so that I can become familiar with it and relax. He asked me whether I’d like to do that more often. Yes, I do, but I am afraid it might trigger things I’d like to keep untouched. And he asked me whether I like the shower gel and lotion for kids and the bottle. Yes, I do either, but again I fear it might trigger memories and feelings. But I feel I’m able to cope with it as long as Dad’s by my side. He said it felt good for him to take care of me and that he enjoys being my Dad. So do I. But I’ll have a lot to think about it.


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