About Getting Married

These mid-January days pass by very relaxed. I have adapted to work again and although I miss having John around me all day, I enjoy being back in daily routine. In the shop and café, we have dissembled the holiday decorations and on the next weekend I’ll do the same at home. My boss and co-workers shared my happiness about our engagement and we had a little party with cake and tea and coffee 🙂

John and I have talked about our wedding ceremony and decided to get married in May because back in May 2011 we have met each other. John is an atheist and at least I am not a Christian, so there will be no church but only a civil wedding. W has already asked us whether we’d like him to issue us with Lord Shiva’s blessing but I’m not sure about that. John wouldn’t mind and left this decision to me.

We want the civil wedding in the late morning with only little attendance (my brother and sister-in-law, W, S, C and John’s friends M and A, sort of the inner circle). Afterwards we will have lunch and that’s it. On the next day we will arrange a dinner party for the “outer circle” as well (about 50 persons). John and I will stay over night in the location and enjoy their spa on the next day 🙂 Our honeymoon will be in June or July (depends a bit on John’s dead-lines during summer) and I have agreed to go to Italy. Gees.

Next week we will call the banns and I’m very excited about that, I tell you. I have wanted this for so long now and I am unbelievably happy.

John and I have talked about what to wear and I kindly asked him to wear a dinner jacket with a tie, but I can’t guarantee not getting horny 🙂 I myself will be wearing a black suit with tie (or bow tie?) which will feel a bit odd, I guess. We have also talked about the Birdlock and John was quite surprised that I put it in discussion. “Getting married doesn’t mean you’re allowed to have more orgasms, son. Don’t get into mischief””. Ugh, yes, Sir. My last orgasm was on Dec 20th, so talking about more orgasms is quite unneccessary, I suppose 🙂

And today I have a little eye candy for you: http://suitlover.tumblr.com/post/24736756677

And yet another one, so cute! http://suitfetish.tumblr.com/post/72172889485/boywife19yo-thats-one-beautiful-couple-and-a


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