Being Gay In Public

I’ve gotten a bit used to calling John Dad, but it still makes my heart beat faster 🙂 I guess our relationship has adapted a little to these new roles we take in, altough it seems the both of us have felt like Dad and son before. John has told me about the boy he was in love with when they went to school. I have already alluded to their relationship in a previous posting. When the teachers found out that they were in love and did “those perverted things”, they punished them very harsh and informed their families about the dishonour they brought over their families. I was shocked when John told me that teachers in the UK had the right to spank pupils until 1998 and that most parents approved this! John was allowed to stay at this school, but the other boy was sent away and they have never met or spoken again, but John knows where he lives and that he is not married. I grew very sad when John showed me the only love letter he had ever received before he met me. It’s just a torn out and yellowed slip of paper on which the other boy scribbled “Love you”, but John still keeps it. Ugh. I have suggested he may call the other man and meet him to talk things over, but John is afraid to do so because he doesn’t know if the other still recalls him or would like to be reminded of him.

I think it’s cruel to keep people from loving each other just because they’re gay and do not fit in the social conventions. Once I saw a picture with a gay couple kissing which said “Keep Calm, It’s Only Two People Loving Each Other”. I haven’t experienced such abashing, although many people yelled at me because I’m gay. It still does not come easy to me to ignore people who make fun of John and me when we’re holding hands in public, but John says he’s “fucking fed up” with those idiots and is far too old and too rich for buckling or letting go of my hand 🙂 W suggested I should imagine a society where it’s normal to be gay and where people stare and shout at straight couples. I still would think of that as bad behaviour! But it’s awesome to think about a society where people can live the way they want and feel. I know it’s natural for me to be gay and I’m proud to be John’s partner. The only thing that really gets on my nerves: women flirting with John. I’m jealous when this happens.


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