Just doin’ nuthin’

The art of dominating your sub most times consists of actions such as giving commandos, putting him in cuffs, whipping and all the other beautiful things you can think of. But my Love found out that by doing not much or even nothing at all, he can drive me nuts as well. I have written about this in previous postings, but yesterday evening was such a perfect example for his art of doing nothing that I want to write it down.

After we had dinner, I was a bit dozy and told John I’d lay down for half an hour. He said that would be fine with him, but that he’d like to “add a bit sweetness” to my time in bed. He tied my wrists to the bed to prevent me from touching myself, then pleasurably released me from the Birdlock. I’ve been kept chaste now since Dec 20th, except from a bit T&D every now and then (35 days) and yes, I was longing for an orgasm. But John did not touch me at all. Instead, he attached a little vibro eggwith a bit bondage tape to the bell end and started the slow mode. “Let’s see how long you can prevent yourself from getting horny”. I had to grin, because I already was horny, but the very tender vibration increased my arousal very quickly. “Could you please turn it faster, Sir?”. Usually John does not accept my pleas, but yesterday he smiled and turned that vibro egg to another mode which goes like **—–**—–************ Ugh! He watched me for a moment, then decided to complete the situation by adding a nice plug made of glass which is a bit painful to install but then is very comfortable to wear.

“Seems you’re already very horny, son”, John asserted. I was! “Ok then, have a good time”. Ugh! I asked him whether he would not like to stay with me (because I had hoped for a bit more action), but he just gave me a kiss, settled over to his side of the bed and began reading. I held out for several minutes, then I felt an orgasm building up inside of me, but as the vibration was so tender, I knew I could not make it. That’s why I began pleading for release, several times, but John just didn’t react. When I kindly asked him to touch me again, he stood up without a word and returned with a ball gag. I don’t like that particular gag because it’s a bit too big for me so that my jaws start to hurt when I have to wear it for a while, but John enjoyed the silence that followed.

So we lay there, Master reading and I permanently on the verge of cumming, but not being able to. That’s the point where an hour seems to turn into a whole day and when arousal and desperation change rapidly. And that’s the point where I experience that kind of altered state of consciousness I have already written about.

After a very long while (as it seemed) John turned to me again, pretending not to have noticed me at all. “And? Did you already cum?” I shook my head. John smiled and clicked his tongue. “Well, that’s a pity son, hu?” I nodded. “Let’s see….I’ll give you 5 more minutes. If you don’t manage to cum then, I’ll lock you in again for another 20 days”. Ugh! He returned to his side of the bed and kept reading while I did what I could to support my body. I thought of moments with Master, of pain and lust. I was panting like furious, but John just pretended not to notice me. Then I suddenly felt like I could manage to cum if I would not ruin it by the wrong thoughts. And indeed, after some more vibrations I felt an orgasm begin, very slowly but then icreasing violently. It was unbelievably intense and almost made me faint LOL John did not move, but after I was done he came to me, kised me and said “Good boy”. And that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Just doin’ nuthin’

  1. Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir says:

    Ich muss mal anmerken, dass ich John echt klasse finde ^^ chchch er weiß wie’s geht 🙂

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