So, John and I have come to an agreement. We’ll give it a try and go to the sauna tomorrow. We’re both a bit nervous, but I guess that’s just fine. It’s been a while now since we’ve played with someone else.

When we talked about having sex with others, it came into my mind that being kept in chastity isn’t such a big deal for me since December. Perhaps because of our engagement, perhaps due to the weather which makes me a bit tardy, but I’m ok with it. I enjoy T&D very much and I like to serve Master, but I feel very content without climaxing too often.

I have gotten a bit more used to calling John Dad and now my heart does not jump everytime he calls me son. I feel deeply connected to him and I just love to be his. Well, as I have stated before, I am not a slave and I don’t tend to be one, but it makes me smile to know my place and where I belong. I have grown a lot more self-confident concerning John and our relationship. That’s just beautiful.


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