Busy Weekend

At the moment I am busy with writing lists and preparing the wardrobe for our trip to Switzerland an Tuesday. We will return on Sunday, and I think I will be able to write again on Feb 24th. I am very excited and a little bit scared, but I am very happy I decided to accompany John. He presented me with a pocket journal and some very cool finepens so that I can draw a little diary while travelling. Drawing always helps to calm my mind.

This evening, we will have dinner with A and M who are friends of John’s, and tomorrow we will go hiking very early with a group of other hikers to explore a cave. We will have a guard. He said, from the parking place it will take about 2 hrs to reach the cave, then we will spend 2 to 3 hrs there and then return. We will take lunch bags with us and tomorrow evening I will probably be very tired 🙂

I have thought about dancing for Lord Shiva quite often since I mentioned it this week and I still fear I might just look stupid, but I also experience a bit of a change. At least I am willing to give it a try. So when I do Puja for Him, I have started to move and wiggle a bit. It feels odd and stupid, but I do it anyway. Dancing does not come naturally to me. I fear Lord Shiva might be kidding me by saying He wants me to dance. I lack trust, as always.

Oracle Song of the day: New Radicals with You Get What You Give. I like that song very much and I like the lyrics as well. I think most times it’s true that you only get what you give, but sometimes there am imbalance between these two and one feels left.

Ok, now back to the laundry!


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