When I started my blog back in August I wanted to write every day, sometimes more than once. It seemed to me I had so much to tell and so much I wanted to write down to be able to remember it later on. But for a few weeks now I feel like I don’t need to blog about the things that move me. I feel at home in myself and if I want to remember something, I put it down in a cartoon like I used to do for so many years now. I guess that’s connected to John’s proposal. I have more self-confidence now and feel at ease. When I think of what I could put down in words for my blog, nothings pops up in my mind. It feels a little odd to me, but on the other hand, it’s ok.

I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and that I will no longer blog that regularly. Have a good time! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Changed

  1. mondfeuer says:

    Lass es dir gut gehen und genieße 🙂

  2. lieber blaubeermann,
    das ist der wunderbarste grund, seinem blog fernzubleiben, den ich mir denken kann 🙂 genieße einfach die schöne zeit. ich freu mich aber auch, wieder von dir zu hören^^

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