Gay Rights

Although the Olympic Winter Games are already over, I want to state something concerning homosexuality in Russia. I have read about a gay speed skater from New Zealand who wanted to wear a rainbow pin as a political statement. I think he’s a brave man. It takes courage to do this in a land where you might get arrested for such a ridiculous thing. It bothers me how fixated people are on homosexuality. I mean, it’s just two people in love! But in Russia (and India and most parts of Asia as well), being gay and having homosexual relationships is illegal. Every now and then there pop up discussions about how manly homosexuality is. How stupid is that?! It’s just a variant of human behaviour and desire.

But I don’t want to pretend that John and I pass unmolested. Even in Germany there are people who discriminate against gay men. Last week, I brought John to the station because he had to spend the day in another city, and there were some young and boozed men who yelled at us. I felt insecure and I hated the feeling they gave me. I felt like shit just because for whom I love. And that made me even feel worse because John is such a fine man and he could handle this situation without feeling offended. In such situations, I always fear they might turn into physical violence. I have been husteld and hit before just because I’m gay and I don’t want to experience this again.

It makes me angry that gays (and lesbians) are still not fully accepted. I am mad about the “eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft”, although it makes no sense. It’s unfair to disadvantage gay couples. I think it’s not ok because Germany likes to call itself a social state. I am so fed up with discussions about the right to adopt a child and ponderings about a presumable damage that will be done to a child if it grows up with gay parents. Do they really think a child is as judgmental as they are?


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