A List

We’re still into T&D a lot and John came about a new idea: he handed me a list of 50 things I am supposed to do before he’ll be playing again with me. I asked how he wanted to control whether I don’t masturbate and with a sweet devilish smile he clicked the Birdlock around me. Ugh! “Honey, if you don’t want to, I could still take it off”, he curred, but of course I want it and of course I will complete the list. For example it includes

  • making Yorkshire Pudding (Master knows I really hate to do this, it always ends up in a mess)
  • clean Master’s car
  • wearing a dildo made of glass for 24 hrs without interruption
  • reading an old Time magazine from beginning to end (guess that will be boring)
  • holding Master’s cock in my mouth while he’s watching football on T.V.
  • standing still with a bowl of milk in my hands for one hr
  • bowl down a bit of paperwork

I guess I won’t experience an orgasm before the end of July as his list is quite a bit long. July will be busy 🙂


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