No BJs

Officially being married doesn’t prevent John from being cruel in a very polite way. Thank God for that 🙂 Yesterday he surprisingly suggested to visit a gay club known for his BDSMy attitude. My task: just watching. I wasn’t allowed any contact to others, be it beatings, be it sex. Not even sucking. Nothing. So I sat there and said no to every man who wanted to engage in a game, while Master was having fun with a young, hot stud. Ugh! Watching is still hurtful in a way, because these guys get what I’m craving for, even getting sucked off by Master. When we talk about it, John always asks “what about the fun watching you getting not what you want most if I’d suck you off?”. Yeah, right. He already proposed ending the BDSM-aspect of our relationship because then (and only then) he would be able to suck me off. Heck, no, I do not want that, but still I want to be given blowjobs. Love did some vicious things to the stud’s nipples with clothes-pegs and while he helped the young guy suffering, he watched me just sitting there, getting nervous and horny and not knowing where to look and where to put my hands. And I’m still wearing the Birdlock! Finally Master climaxed by fucking the guy, trickling his semen onto his belly. He kindly allowed me to clean the guy with my tongue. Thought I’d get a stroke LOL Well, and that was it. John drove us home, we took a shower and went to bed, John quite tired and I still horny like hell. Still 36 things to do from the list before Love will be playing again with me.


2 thoughts on “No BJs

  1. Alexis Sólveig Freysdóttir says:

    Dann halt dich mal ran mit deiner Liste. 😀 Müsste doch eigentlich genug Motivation da sein 😀

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