Another Way Of Eating

Because it all went a little bit too well with my new diet, Love decided to add on to it to make it more annoying for me. Yesterday I had prepared some pasta with olive oil, garlic and parsley and a salad for dinner and John brought a fresh bread with him, when he came home from work. All seemed to be quite normal, but when he sat down, Love took away the cutlery. I looked at him and he softly said “fold your hands behind your back, then you may eat”. I was like “what?”, but he only smiled. “I need a fork, I dunno….”. He kept smiling. “Look, either you’ll eat your dinner that way or, if you choose to deny it, I’ll have to stuff you later on. Your decision”. He began to eat.

Stuff me? Sure, we had talked about it. There’s a stuffing-fetish I had never heared about before, but two weeks ago I came upon a tumblr site run by a guy who likes to stuff himself, but is looking for someone to do it. Stuffing consists of feeding your “feedee” with food that’s high in volume such as bread oder mashed potatoes, but it also can constist of food that’s high in calories so that the feedee is forced to gain weight. It made me horny in a strange way, but I had thought I had managed to keep my thoughts to myself, but of course John had looked that through. It’s one of the worst things I can imagine, but yet one of the kinkiest. I don’t know if I want it. I fear it.

So I lowered my head over the bowl and began to eat. My hair fell forward, but when I wanted to grab it, John reminded me to fold my hands behind my back. “But my hair?”. “Guess it’ll get dirty”, he smiled. “Just try not to eat it instead”. Uhm, ok. It was gross. I really tried to eat that way I would not smear myself, but it didn’t work well. The pasta was quite easy to eat, when I reached for it with my tongue, but Love insisted I eat the salad and the bread, too. I had it all over my mouth, my nose and chin and was not allowed to wipe me clean. It was that moment when Master prohibited me to clean myself that I became aware of my horniness. I don’t know why but it turned me on not being allowed to eat properly. Guess it might be because of my father.

John examined my dish and told me to lick it clean. I did and felt even hornier. He smiled. “You liked it, huh?”. I nodded and he smiled. “Guess what? We’re having dessert!”. He put a slice of mango in another wide bowl which perfectly adhered to the bottom and covered it with almond milk and soy whipped cream. There was no chance eating it without ruining the rest of my face. The milk came up my nose, it splattered my chin and wet my shirt. Love came to my side and began rubbing my cock through the trousers while I had my face in the bowl. It was odd, but I was so aroused I came instantly. It was very intense. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

When I finished dessert, John told me to take off my boxers and had me lick them “clean”, which actually means I replaced sperm by milk. Again I got a hard-on. I was completely helpless and did not know why it turned me on that much. Love whispered to me while he fucked me hard and I was out of myself. I had always hated to be called animal names, but yesterday it totally freaked me out when he said I’m a pig. But moreover he advised me to eat all my meals for the next three days that way. And I am allowed to masturbate afterwards. Ugh.

I really don’t know what’s happening, but I have not been that aroused for a very long time, which is quite a surprise because I get easily turned on. Ugh.


One thought on “Another Way Of Eating

  1. Valo says:

    Perhaps that’s because it’a an act of ultimate humiliation? Just stay aware of what you’re doing and try not to hurt yourself…

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