L’s Visit

The past five days were pure bliss. L was visiting us and Love had taken these days off, so that we had a maximum of time together. We went walking in a park, we were visiting a museum, we went out for dinner as well as cooked together, we watched movies and talked, talked, talked. L is such a funny and kind man, I really feel drawn to him, and still I do not feel jealous at all. Originally I had planned to spend the last evening L would spend with us on my own, visiting S and C, but L asked me to stay, so I did. It’s hard to find words for what’s going on, but perhaps it’s best to say only that much: it’s beautiful and I hazard a guess that it could be more than just an affair. I don’t want to push it too far and I know it will need time, but I could think of the three of us staying together for a long while. L is not into BDSM, but I think he likes the fact that we are. Everything just stayed relaxed and easy, and our time together was gorgeous.

I don’t want to think too much about it. I really enjoy it, and I like to see John that happy.


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