Tantric Massage

On the weekend I enticed John to receive a Tantric massage by me and I hope it was a fine surrogate for the gangbang event he missed 🙂 It was the first massage of that kind I have ever given and therefore I was quite nervous and excited whether I’d do it well and enjoyable. I had read a bit about it and was discouraged because Tantric massage after all seems to be a science for itself. There are even schools which teach how to become a Tantric massage therapist, but I thought it might work out well if I’d do it with love and devotion.

I bought a massage oil from an Indian store which decently smelled of sandalwood, but which is not too sweet and heavy. John was a bit sceptical about it, but I guess he liked it. On Saturday, I lit a few candles around our bed and put a few towels and a a soft blanket on it. I dimmed the light to create a peaceful atmosphere and played meditation music I found on Youtube.

I was a bit ashamed to be naked in front of John, which was odd as I ought to be used to it, but I found out, to me, there’s a big difference in being naked while showering or having sex or being naked during such a massage. I can’t explain why.

I tried to focus on John’s reaction while massaging him. First of all, I spread the oil on his whole body, then covered the parts I was recently not working on with a light towel to keep him warm. I tried to always work towards the heart, but found that a bit difficult as I came to his hands and fingers. Some videos about massaging show movements towards the fingertips, which are movements away from the heart. Might depent upon the technique, I suppose, but I tried to avoid these strokes. His breath deepened and he seemed to relax completely. I tried not to disturb him by questions as it was said in one of the videos. When I had started, I was convinced it would not end up to be an erotic massage, but when I turned to Love’s front side, I found he was aroused. It was very different to what we usually enjoy, but it was intense and loving. He was able to let go and allow me to take the lead, and so I took my time to coddle him and let his horniness increase very slowly. In the end, after he had climaxed, I massaged him until he calmed down again and even fell asleep which I took as a compliment.

In traditional Tantric massage there are no sexual actions allowed as it focusses on the control of the sexual energy in order to gain power, but I have to admit that I could not help but please my Love. To me, it was beautiful, and I hope he will allow us to repeat that. I’d like to meditate with Love, but I guess that’d be too much for him.


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