Yes Sir

The past two weeks were not as contemplative as I had wanted them to be. John went to see his doctor and what he told him was not too good. There will be more examinations during January and John got a temporal medication. I guess there’s not much we can do in first instance instead of what we already try to do (eat well, relax and do some sports), but I’m really concerned about him.

We had Leo attending during Christmas and New Year and it was just yesterday evening when he had to leave. I already miss him. John and I might probably travel to Switzerland at the end of this month to see him for a weekend.

We had some conversations about us, but all of us seemed to avoid thinking about the future. I guess we’re all a bit clueless, but I sense none of us wants to keep travelling forever. Leo made a joke (or I guess it was a joke) and said that neither John nor I could leave as simple as he could and that the area in which we’re living in is quite nice. And to be honest, I don’t want to leave. My family, my friends and my work are here and I think I’ve settled into all of that well.

For me, this Christmas was a lesson in devotion, trust and love as I had two men reign over me. In the past few month I have had a taste of more freedom, but the Holidays made it clear to me where I belong and which lifestlye fits my needs best. I’m still the submissive, masochistic man I used to be and I feel only content when serving Alphas. I like an equitable relationship in many matters, but I need to know my place and my Dom taking care of me. I’m thankful John allowed me to find that out.


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