Breathing Seminar

On the past weekend I have participated in a Yoga seminar given by my teacher. It was about breathing techniques and how our breath influences our body functions and our thoughts.

On Saturday, we began with Morning Sadhana at 6 a.m. 🙂 After two hrs of Yoga and meditation, we had breakfast together. Then we sat down in the classroom and my teacher gave a lecture about the basic Yogic breathing techniques such as long deep breathing, breath of fire and so on. Afterwards, we had half an hour of exercise to prepare for a breathing meditation which took 31 minutes. When he had asked me whether I wanted to join this seminar I had not been sure about it. I have some problems with breathing properly, I especially don’t seem to come to terms with certain breathing techniques (long deep breathing and holding out the breath for longer than 5 seconds). I had alway thought these problems were a result of my asthma, but my teacher had encouraged me to join, so I did. When we sat in that first breathing meditation, first I felt like giving in, but my teacher and the others kept breathing properly and I managed to adjust. But I was really exhausted afterwards!

After the medditation had come to an end, he told us to walk around the room, come back to our normal breath and relax. Then he held his 2nd lecture, in which he referred to what Yogi Bhajan had said about breathing, followed by another breathing based meditation. Then we had a light lunch with the opportunity to chat and exchange our first impressions and experiences.

The afternoon went by with one more workout, a lecture and another breathing meditation. Together we prepared dinner and made the dishes. Although there were a few people I had never seen before, it was very nice and I felt at ease when I drove home.

On Sunday, we started again by Morning Sadhana at 6 a.m. and with a breakfast consisting of a hot soup and bread. My teacher talked about breathing techniques as first aid in cases of emergency and bother, and I learned that a technique I have heard about in my time in the hospital is Yogic 🙂 We deepened our knowledge by trying it out ourselves, followed by another breathing based Kriya and another meditation. Time flew by and we had lunch. On the afternoon my teacher held a very interesting lecture about how breathing properly (in the Yogic sense) can provide body and mind with new Prana (power of life) and help us develop strength and vigor. Again, we meditated, then it was time for dinner and cleaning up after ourselves.

It was a beautiful experience! My first seminar! I am very happy I attended the class 🙂


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