Pandora’s Box

John presented me with a little tin box filled with small, folded notes. He called it Pandora’s Box 🙂 On each piece of paper he has written a challenge or a task for me. After choosing one note, I have 24 hrs to fulfill the task and to prove I did by taking a picture of me, handing out what I made or by letting John participate.

Master chose the tasks with caution. He made sure they’re all things I don’t like or things that really take me a lot. For example:

  • figging
  • wearing a butt plug for a whole night
  • eating a certain amount of sweets or bread or so
  • wearing girl’s undies for work
  • wearing diapers when doing my chores
  • write down an erotic story containing one of my favourite kinks

Every now and then he adds new notes to this box to keep it surprising. I like it 🙂 Thank you, Love.

I am allowed to voluntarily fulfill tasks. When I did well, Master rewards me with a little surprise such as a new lipstick or one of the seldom BJs 🙂


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