In the past few days I have carved my way through our wardrobes. Gee, did we really buy all these clothes? Especially John is a kind of fashion addict and really fancies shopping and that’s exactly the story his wardrobe was telling. I have sorted out at least five big bags of clothes! Cleaning up and sorting out is not easy for me. I usually want to use everything until it’s broken and can’t be repaired, but I have to admit that in the past year I’ve gotten a bit more used to John’s way of buying, wearing and finally getting fed up with clothes relatively quick. That makes me feel guilty. I think of all the natural and human ressources that were neccessary to allow me to wear a shirt or a pair of trousers. My bad conscience is even bigger when it comes to shoes as most of my shoes are made on the basis of mineral oil like sneakers. Getting rid of leather shoes is not so easy either as I think of all the animals who died so that I can wear their skin. I am not vegan, but I think of it anyway.

In our hometown, there are a few boxes where one can donate one’s old clothes to, but John and I have heard of the fact that most of the clothes given there are shredded. So I had the idea of giving them to a residence for homeless and needy men. John uttered that it might be a bit overdressed for a homeless to run around in his Armani jumper, but to be honest, one doesn’t give a fuck about the label when it’s cold!

The next thing on my list are our kitchen cabinets and the bathroom.

When I realized how much we own and how much I have veered away from my former life on the street where living out of one rucksack was normal, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Sure I’m glad I left this unhealthy lifestyle behind, but I think it would be bad to forget about the people who still live on the street. So I have decided to get a bit involved into helping them. I want to ask a local organisation whether they can need some help.

When I had decided to do so, I had a very telling shamanic journey. I met Lord Shiva and He appeared as a beggar, telling me that at least we all are beggars and that the lesson that needs to be learnt is HUMILITY. I want to embrace that teaching and bring more humility into my life. I want to sacrifice my work for homeless people or poeple in need to Lord Shiva as a sacrifice to worship Him.


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