50 Random Things About Me

I’ve been asked to take part in that 50 random things about me, and here we go:

  1. I can’t bear the feeling of satin on my fingernails.
  2. For breakfast, most of the time I have oat flakes and a cup of tea.
  3. I drink coffee only every now and then and it makes my heart beat faster everytime.
  4. I’m quite ticklish.
  5. I knew I’m gay at very young age.
  6. I have never kissed a girl, except for my friend S on her cheek.
  7. I grew up without a mother.
  8. I don’t even think I’d recognize her if I met her on the street.
  9. At work, my favourite mug has no more handle. I broke it, but still can’t get rid of the mug.
  10. I’m better in understanding higher mathematics than people. But I try!
  11. I usually don’t tend to snack, but John makes me.
  12. He’s even buying me ice cream and crisps and makes me eat it.
  13. I have gained more than 5 kilos since we met and I like myself better now.
  14. I like listening to classic music, but it makes me sad most times.
  15. As a kid, I had to learn to play the piano.
  16. I find gay movies boring as they’re usually only about coming out to oneself and others.
  17. If I’d make a gay movie it would be about two normal men with their normal heights and depths.
  18. I use to sort my socks and I can tell without looking which pair’s which when I open my drawer.
  19. I suffer from asthma and always have my spray handy.
  20. I’m very much into BDSM.
  21. In our wedding night John told me “your wedding ring is your collar”. I never take it off.
  22. When John is not at home overnight, I always beg him to leave a shirt he wore, so that I can smell him.
  23. My favourite meals are eggplant lasagna and coleslaw with raisins. But I eat most everything.
  24. When I’m stressed and anxious, it helps me to wear leather handcuffs and a leather collar. They make me feel safe.
  25. I own more books than DVDs.
  26. I’m very good at reverse parking, but I’m a loser in car parks, because I can never decide which space to choose.
  27. I have no stickers on and no air refresheners in my car.
  28. But I always have condoms in my glove box. You never know…
  29. If John lets me, I watch a lot of porn.
  30. But I hate clips in which subs scream, because I think they should keep quiet.
  31. Sometimes my best friend W reads out newspaper articles to me on the phone.
  32. I sleep on the left side in our bed, closer to the door.
  33. I do not dare to go to a haunted house, but I don’t like going to the fair anyway.
  34. My favourite incense sticks are frankincense and sandalwood.
  35. I only burn them when John’s not at home, because he doesn’t really like them.
  36. I make offerings to Lord Shiva regularly.
  37. But I’m still surprised by what He demands from me, like frozen yoghurt, a pack of chewing gum or a bowl of potting soil.
  38. I shave all over. But I asked John not to shave my hair of head when he said he likes the thought.
  39. It took me weeks to dare to use my cash card, now I’m married to a banker.
  40. My friends S and C taught me how to knit, and I guess I should do it more often!
  41. At the moment, I have two Yoga classes a week. In one group, we’re only men and I like to chat with them before and after the class.
  42. I still refuse to practise Yoga with naked feet.
  43. And I still don’t like to move around the room during class.
  44. I have never solved a crossword in my whole life, but I’m quite good at logic puzzles.
  45. I’m drawn to a few really bad things and I feel guilty about it. But I can’t stop it. I can’t even talk about it, although John knows about it.
  46. I’m obsessed with counting. I count almost anything: steps, stairs, cars, tiles, cups, noises, flowers and so on. But I never count human beings.
  47. I still own photographs and movies my father made of me. Sometimes I look at them to hurt myself and feel worthless. I know I should not.
  48. I always carry a sketchbook with me and scribble down whatever catches my eye. Even dead birds and waste.
  49. I always fail cooking Yorkshire pudding. I don’t know why!
  50. It took me more than four weeks to complete these 50 things!

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