Undenied Unfulfilled

Yesterday, Master took me to a club we attend every now and then. It’s got a nice, cozy darkroom, a sauna ect. It’s always like a holiday to be there! Master had noticed my sad mood in the days before and although we had talked about it, the dark clouds just did not vanish. I guess that was why he allowed me to take off the Birdlock and “enjoy myself”.

To be honest, it’s always a bit confusing to be unleashed! Usually I do not know what to do with myself for the first 20 or 30 minutes. That’s when I just watch others, before making contact. Master had vanished into the darkroom, but I did not want to follow him, so I just went into the sauna. When I enter the room, it’s always a bit demanding to adjust to the climate, but after a few moments I really savour it. One guy attracted my attention. To put it short, after showering we ended up on one of the play areas and he sucked me off beautifully. Later I met another guy and had him pounding me while I sucked off another guy. And later again, I found myself sitting at the bar, when Master showed up. He sat down two seats away from me and pretended not to know me. Oh yes, that’s awesome!

He ordered a beer and I could not keep my eyes off his obviously fresh showered body. We made eye contact, but he did not react to my smile. A young stud came to his side, they began talking to each other. It was not long until they began touching and kissing, while I still sat there with growing arousal. When the guy began touching Master underneath the towel he had wrapped around his hips, he looked at me and asked “gefällt dir, was du siehst?”. I replied “ja”, so Master suggested we three might go to a booth and have some fun. My heart was pounding like crazy when we finally did. The stud began sucking Master off. It’s a bit strange to watch others do what I do usually twice or three times a day. I know exactly what he wants and when the others don’t do what he likes most, it feels sort of uncomfortable for me LOL Master instructed me to suck the guy off, and when he wanted to do the same for me, he kept him from doing so. Finally, Master fucked him with me feeling superfluous, but Love did not bother. I guess that’s the most demanding part of being his 24/7 sub! Being aroused, then being denied, even though not in the Birdlock. I tried to jerk off, but it did not really work. So after Master and the guy had climaxed and the guy went his way, Master smiled at me sweetly and told me we’d be heading home. In the locker room, he handed me over the Birdlock. That much for sex.

It’s strange, but even being allowed to have sex and climax can feel like being denied if you’re not getting what you’re craving for. So when Love brought my head down to his cock this morning, I thankfully welcomed his morning glory.


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