Day 5

(This is part of my mail to John.)

(…) Laying there, all holes stuffed and you so close to me, kissing my swollen lips under the gag every now and then with excellent tenderness, while this one finger of yours was sweetly fondling my bell end. No hurry at all.

(…) It was then I finally learnt about the fact that whatever I had done to myself before, you could do it better, with more enthusiasm and knowledge. It was vicious! And I guess I learnt a lot about the relativity of time as well, as it seemed this lovely and mean T&D lasted for a whole lifetime 🙂

(…) I, being exhausted and definitely beyond the point where climaxing may have been possible, have never been so thankful for an orgasm not experienced before. Poor me, I did not know how addictive this would be.



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