Love Hurts

My husband is back with me, finally. It seemed like Thursday did not want to pass, and when John finally came home, I was in heaven. He’s quite tanned in these ten days, and had a lot to tell and show. Almost 500 pictures, a new watch for him and a gift for me, a package of frankincense and a lucky charm. Dubai must have been impressive, but regarding the photos John made, I’d say it’s a bit unreal as well. But I do not regret not having accompanied him. With 35 degrees and the sun burning down relentlessly, I’m glad I stayed at home 🙂

It’s strange, but this curious feeling that accompanies our reunions after such trips was there yesterday, too. I’m always a bit shy, not knowing where to put my hands, not knowing where to look. Also, after ten days without, you know, getting physical, I feel like I’m in need of anything, from kissing to getting spanked and from sucking him off to being fucked into coma. But I know these trips are quite exhasuting for Sir, so I try to step back and just be as welcoming as I manage to be. I had prepared dinner and put it in the oven, when he said he was hungry. I brought a drink and unpacked his luggage while he took a shower. After dinner, I brought another drink and we watched the photos and he told me about his trip.

“Would you mind if we’d just sit here, maybe watching T.V.?” he asked. Ugh. Yes, I would mind, but no, of course, go ahead. After all these years I spent with him, I’m still not used to this inflicted disappointment. But I tried not to look disappointed and just crawled up inside his arms. I had just managed to convince myself that smooching would be enough, when his hand began wandering. Well, I’m all melting wax, no exception.

So, finally I got everything I needed, even an orgasm, before this sweet man put me back into the Birdlock, announcing that having had ten days of watching as much porn as I had liked and wanking off as much as I had liked as well must be followed by a period of chastity in order to keep the peace. I guess he is so right. Today, everytime I feel the Birdlock, I’m glad to know I’m all his, and with John having a holiday, I’ve got plenty to do…

Love hurts as beautiful as ever.


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