Introducing Ginny (Gina)

When John and I visited Leo for the last time, Master asked me to find a name for that female part of me by which I want to be called. It took me forever! There were some names I really liked, but most of them were distinctively kinky or humiliating in a sense, so I quashed them. As this female part of me has quite a few facets, I did not want the name to be too simple. Sooner or later it turned out that I was searching for a name that could be varied due to the context in which it will be used. I thought I’d need a name that covers more humiliating and more loving aspects.

There was one name (Gina) that popped up in my mind ever and ever again, but only in kinky situations. I’m really sorry and do not wish to offend any Ginas, but to me, this name sounds dirty, like a slutty cockwhore, drawn to the very bad side of BDSM. Like a gurl who needs to be used, humiliated and hatefucked. Gina is that part of me which likes slutty underwear and stockings, being used anywhere, anytime, who willingly welcomes abusive behaviour and always craves for more pain, more cock, more cum. Gina likes to be treated like scum and accepts most anything, even to be treated like a she-dog in heat.

On the other hand, this female part of me is very sensitive and needs to be treated carefully, with respect and love. I guess that’s because she always had to hide away and is a bit shy and insecure. I call her Ginny. She’s in need of a caring, loving man who she likes to call Dad. She tries to be a lady, well-clad and well-behaved, quiet and low key. She’s charming and lovely, needs her Dad close and tries her best to serve him and make him happy. She likes decent clothing and make up. In bed, she’s a bit inhibited, but likes to be seduced. She fancies extended foreplay, stroking, kissing and cuddling.

I have to admit that the kinkier I get, the more of Gina comes out, even if it started with Ginny.

It’s the first time I have sourced out this female part of me and it feels a bit weird, but on the other hand offers many new possibilities.


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