Did Some Shopping

Yesterday I had a task to fulfill, although I took it as a reward for good behaviour 🙂 John had advised me to go shopping, and so I did after work. It was the first time I was out alone to buy women’s undies, and of course I was a bit nervous, but Love had told me that I should pretend that it was normal for me to shop in the women’s department, then nobody would ask. He was right, by the way. I imagined I was shopping for my girlfriend and nobody threw curious looks at me or asked anything. That was pretty cool.

First of all I bought stockings. I really like to wear a belt, but those self-adhesive stockings are nice as well. They are a bit more uncomplicated to wear. In the next unit, I really took my time to stroll through the lanes. It seems to me that now as spring has arrived, there are more undies than ever! And in such cool colours, from pink to turquoise, and from purple to deep red. But my order was to buy something humiliating like a corselet in a colour named powder. Ugh. I found what I was looking for and thought that this may be something for elder women, to be honest. When I wanted to try it on, I could not resist to take three colourful bras and a fistful of panties with me. It all fitted me, so I bought it all.

When I wanted to leave the store, I came upon a beutiful bright dress. It’s quite short with straps and big flowers printed on it. Just the right dress for a spring evening. I bought it, too.

When I returned home, I put on some make up and got dressed as Ginny to surprise John. When he came home, he admired the new pieces for my collection and asked me whether I would dare to accompany him to the opera, styled as Ginny. Ugh. I dunno. I guess it was ok to be Ginny in Switzerland where nobody knew me, but I don’t know if I’m ready for being Ginny where I might stumple upon someone we know. John took my hand and smiled, telling me that he would not insist, but that he would not be ashamed. “I’m subject to so many norms and rules in everyday life that I want to be as dirty and brazen as I want to be when I’m with ya” he told me. Yeah, I know. No reservations.

Recently I have talked to a guy from the U.S. who is straight, married and likes to wear women’s undies as well. His wife does not know about his preferences and so he goes out, buys something like a panty or bra or so, then wears it a day and throws it away before returning home to prevent her from finding out about his fetish. While we were talking, I got really sad for him, and his story still resounds in my head. I regard wearing women’s clothes and undies as a quite innocent fetish, and to be honest, I feel even more manly and more like the devoted sub I’m supposed to be since I have admitted to be a gurl sometimes. I’m glad I can share this with my husband and can keep my undies. Meanwhile it would really hurt me if I had to throw them away after use. Wearing them makes me feel comfortable, a little splendid and chichi, and it sure reminds me that I’m my Dom’s.




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