Sharing Him

That was an evil Saturday evening yesterday. During dinner Love announced that he’d be visiting a club later that evening and that I was going to stay at home and do the laundry. All of it. Yeah, beautiful degradation and a sort of denial I like and disgust at the same time as it leaves no doubt about who’s in charge and who is not. Love allowed me to take a shower with him and had me help him wash all over. But not touching his cock, because that was reserved for the studs he’d fuck that evening. Sweet desperation.

After he had left, I did what he told me. Folded 3 baskets of towels I had washed that morning and ironed some shirts, while I was thinking of him and imagining what he’d be doing while his “Pferdchen” stayed at home, with the Birdlock still on. I got so frustrated, I began eating crisps and chocolate, but it did not help, so I just surfed the net and watched porn until I was even hornier and more frustrated.

When Love returned at about 1.30 a.m., he undressed and threw himself onto the bed, presenting his body. “Come over”, he told me, and I crawled up inside his arm, finally. I tried to smell the others on him, but of course could not. I wanted to ask so many things, but I did not know how to do so, so I just remained silent. I was reminded of a situation in which he had put on some fragrance I did not know to make me feel jealous, and my feeling of desperation grew stronger. Wanting him, needing him and be denied hurts, and it hurts so good.

He incidentally began fondling me, letting his fingertips barely touch me. “How long?” he wanted to know. “36 days”. I know he knew, but having to say that aloud feels wicked. He enveloped my cock within its cage with his hand, fondling and feeling it up. “I wish you’d release me”, I murmured. “I quite believe it”. Some more strokes, then his breath became deeper, and then he was asleep. I kept laying awake until 4 in the morning, shed some tears and finally managed to get some sleep as well.

In the morning, he allowed me to suck him off, but did not even take notice of my cock. Damn. It’s hot and bitter at the same time. Get to think a lot about the phases of chastity I experience. At the moment I’m whimpering and wanting so bad to be released.

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