Everyday Life With The Device

We’re back home. We had a beautiful trip with a lot of hiking, tasty food, amazing nature and well, a lot of T&D, but no relief. I went throught all stages of whimpering: begging, trying to debate, even crying, but John did not allow any orgasm at all. At the moment I feel I’m slowly arriving in the next stage, which is acceptance. At some point of time, all desire changes into the wish to serve, and serve only. It’s the state of acceptance that makes being kept in chastity desirable for me more then any stage else, although I like the feeling of being kept from what others regard as their birth-right: masturbating and being aroused. The stage of acceptance is sweet and pure and I find great calmness of both mind and body in here. It’s like the essence of being a sub. Belonging to my Master, giving in and giving up. Uhm, you get the idea 🙂 Today is day 52 of chastity.

From time to time I receive questions about my everyday life with the device, and today I want to write about it.

First of all, you need to get used to wearing it. When you start, you should put it on for about two hours, not longer. You have to find out whether the device fits you well. Everything that’s just a bit annoying at the beginning might turn out to be a wound if you wear it for days or even weeks. The device must fit you well. If it’s too narrow or too large, it’s not the right device for you. Perhaps it’s profitable to try out different materials. I myself started with a cage made of steel, but it turned out I get along better with the Birdlock made of silicone. It’s very comfortable to wear and to keep clean, which is very important if you want to wear it for a longer period of time.

Sitting, walking, doing sports, showering and of course peeing should be easy to perform. Most devices have several holes so that the air can circulate. It’s not good to keep your cock in a warm and wet environment, because you might develop infections therein. Therefore I don’t like massive cages made of steel or so.

I’m only allowed to pee when sitting on the toilet as Master thinks only real men should be allowed to stand when peeing. Peeing when sitting is very comfortable with my device. When I’m finished, I whip myself clean with a sheet of toiletpaper and that’s it.

Every evening I’m allowed to take off the device, but only if Master’s with me. At least, he’s the only one who has the key LOL And he wants to prevent myself from touching me. It turned out taking off the device makes only sense when I’m not aroused. Otherwise I get a stiffy and it’s hard to concentrate on the personal hygiene insted of attempting to wank. As soon as the device has been taken off, I clean it inside and outside with warm water and mild soap. I dry it with a towel and put it away to let it dry throughoutly. Meanwhile, I wash my cock with water and mild soap. If neccessary, I shave. I do that about every fourth to fifth day to keep my skin smooth. If neccessary, I tread myself with a mild bodylotion. The skin sometimes gets a bit sore or dry from wearing the device 24/7. Afterwards, I put on the device again and have John lock me in again.

Keeping to that routine helps me preventing myself from geting hard, but there are days when I get a stiffy anyway. Then it’s a bit painful to force myself back into the device, but well, it always works out fine in the end.

The device can not be tracked from anyone. It’s very discreet to wear. Usually, you can even take a shower or bath and go swimming with it, but you should dry your cock well afterwards, perhaps by using a hairdryer (low level!).

Some time ago John presented me with a Birdlock Pico which contains some tips made of silicone. They are very painful if you start to get hard, and wearing it definately is a punishment. I do not have to wear it often, and I really like the usual Birdlock better.

And that’s what a cock looks like when Birdlocked: http://cuckoldn.tumblr.com/post/6315780398/me-in-my-birdlocked-craving-to-cum

Any questions? Please ask.


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