Peace Or So

Woke up with a painful sort of stiffy. The device does not keep my cock from trying to get hard, it just reduces the possibilities. I am definitely into the stage of acceptance now. I liked to feel my stiffy, then I tried to concentrate on something else. Got up, got to work, did my chores there and had a nice chat with my boss and a customer. When I came home, John was not there, so I decided to mop bathroom and kitchen. When Love came home, he had brought lunch with him. We sat outside, eating and talking, and I was quietly content and felt happy and at ease.

It was just then, when Master decided to disturb that peace, for the first time in 57 days. He doorstepped me when I took our plates back into the kitchen. It was one of these occasions where there is not talking at all. He just pushed me to the counter, snatched my trousers off and began pounding me. My body responds quickly to him and I was glad he gifted me with a fuck, but he was finished very quickly and had me swallow it all. I wanted to get dressed again, but he just smiled faintly and jockeyed me over to the table. What more to say? I got my first milking in 57 days and once he started I felt like I could not stop.

Now I feel relieved and painfully horny again, wishing so bad to be allowed to cum. Fuck yeah chastity.


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