73 Days

The last weekend…oh boy. Beautiful and frustrating at the same time. When Leo arrived on late Friday afternoon, John was already at home. We did the cooking together, talking and taking time for long missed kisses. Afterwards, I did the dishes while the two men had a drink outside. I always try to  withdraw a bit when we’re together to make sure the two of them get enough time for each other, so I took my time. When I finally joined them in the garden, they were kissing, and I just sat down and watched. “I guess we’re going inside”, John smiled, “and you’ll stay downstairs. Find yourself something to do”. Ugh. Well, and that was quite indicative for the whole weekend. Oh, we did a lot of things together, especially talking, but I was excluded from anything else, you know. So I spent my Saturday evening in front of my computer, strolling around porn sites and being horny as fuck, while my husband and his friend did whatever in my damn marriage bed. UGH!!! I was denied all the way, but teased by words and small gestures.

Today, it’s day 73 of chastity and this time it’s really mean. I have been milked once, fucked only ever now and then, teased only very little and I guess I now arrived in the state of anger again 😦 It takes a lot of selfcontrol not to be aggressive towards John and demand being unlocked.

120 days is the longest time I’ve been in chastity. What really makes me mad is not knowing when Master will end this. Yeah, love hurts.


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