A New Car

What a week! There’s surely no need for another blog post about how warm it is at the moment, so I’m skipping that part 😛 This week was so packed, I’ve got more than enough to tell.

First of all, John and I have ordered new cars. Well, feels a bit weird to tell it like it is. John had been thinking about buying a new car ever since I had this accident with the deer, because even if they could fix his car wing, he had never been really content with that. We had looked at some cars and on Monday he made his final decision, so that we went to order his new car on Tuesday. In the evening, we were having dinner in a nice restaurant and kept talking about cars. He uttered that I could need a new car as well. I had to laugh about that, because I thought it was a joke. My car is about 7 years old, but still in very good condition, and I thought I’d drive it until it’s done. I have never considered buying a new car. Usually, I have my difficulties with spending money on myself, the more money, the worse. Anyway, John suggested we might visit another car dealership after dinner, “just looking”. Yeah. Of course there are some cars I like better than others, and as he knows about it, he drove us directly to a car dealership where they sell one of my favourite cars. Well, looking around the cars parked on their site, I found a car that pleased me. It was a used car with 50.000 kilometres on the clock. We kept strolling around, talking it over. I said I don’t really need a new car, and I like mine, but John just murmured “uhm-hm” and kept looking at the cars. When we were finished, we returned to his car and drove home. I thought, well, it’s ok to dream about it, but I don’t need it, so that’s it. On the next day, when he returned home, he invited me to go on a trip. I was surprised when he drove us to the car dealership again. “Just having a look”. Oh boy, for sure! To put it short, he had no intention buying a used car, but somehow decided to buy a new version of the used car I had spotted. And that’s it. In about 8 weeks I’ll receive my new car and they even take my old car. Feeling a bit guilty spending so much money for myself, but really looking forward the new car anyway.

Then, I have received my silicone breasts I had ordered in the U.S. and I love them! They feel very natural. Or let’s put it that way: they do not feel like a heap of plasic, but soft and with a silky surface. I guess they give the starting signal for a gurlish summer 😉

And third of all, W and I have made a sun and fire ritual, and it provided me with such a lot of energy, I thought it might rip me apart LOL Perhaps I’ll get back to that topic later.


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