That Was Close

Yesterday, when a nice little breeze had cooled down our sleeping room, Master began fondling me for the first time in days. We both really do not feel any need for touches when it’s so hot and everything sticks to the skin LOL He spend some time on my nipples, then moved over to the Birdlock. Yesterday was day 80 of chastity, by the way, and at the moment I don’t seem to arrive anywhere. Several times a day I feel angry, accepting, whimpering, pleading and then again angry about it. Ugh. Usually, the best way to deal with this kind of chastity-confusion is to work out or keep myself busy with tasks around the household, but during these really hot days, when every movement is a torture, it’s all kept inside with no hope of the slightest relief. So, when Master finally began feeling up my limp cock inside its device, it was like a hive of emotions going down on me. I hoped for more, much more, then again I was tired and thought, I’d love to sleep for more than four hours, then again I was defiant and thought, I’d endure it without hoping for anything and make it through all T&D without feeling desperate. Well, then he took the key and opened the device…I felt the hope rushing around my body as he bagan stroking my bell end. I responded very quickly and got so hard it hurt. He took his time, did not engage into real teasing, just a bit here and there until I was drooling precum. “Shall we put you back in or d’you want me to go on?”. I humbly asked him to go on. And he did! He slowly increased his speed and intensity and brought me closer and closer to the long missed orgasm. I had almost reached it, when I found I could not make it! My body could not hold the tension, it just dropped. Master let me pause for a moment, then began again, this time teasing me with words to help me cum. But again, very close to the orgasm, my body dropped. Damn, that was weird! I got totally frustrated, but Master tried to keep me focussed and started a third attempt. Well, this time it only needed a minute or so to tell I could not make it. I got so angry, when he finally pulled back his hand! I asked him kindly to start again, but he denied me. “It’s late, you had your go”. Yeah, I’m not to curse, but this time he did not correct me when I uttered from the deep heart’s core “FUCK!!!”.

When he was already asleep, I lay awake and asked myself if my dirty fantasies about being an impotent gurl had finally proved true. This morning, Master was very relaxed due to a good night’s sleep, and after he was finished in the bathroom he came to me with a leather string, on which there were three little bells attached. Usually, we use it sometimes when I’m not to move during cornertime, but this time he wound it around the wrist of my hand. “You can try to cum while I’m having breakfast. You’re to use only this hand and I don’t want to hear the slightest sound, alright?”.  Oh, sure it was alright! He released me again from the Birdlock, then left the room and I began wanking. Or at least tried to. The bells did not allow much movement and Sir calling “I can hear you, boi!” every now and then did not help. It did not take long until he returned with a bowl of cereals and a spoon. He sat down on the edge of the bed, munching his flakes and watching me getting more desperate every minute. The bells allowed very poor movements around the bell end, but no real wanking. After a while, during which Master had become more and more amused, he told me “ok, three more rings, than I’ll lock you in again. Keep trying harder!”. Yeah. What to say? In less then two minutes I had my three rings and Master fighting back my hard, wet cock into the device, lock me up again and rushing off for work, keeping me horny as fuck and angry, desperate, whimpering again. Damn it.


5 thoughts on “That Was Close

  1. mondfeuer says:

    Oh man, this sounds very hard.
    I like to watch porn with the subject of edging, when a guy is nice bounded and unable to move or do anything.
    This was a really good read for me^^ Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • blaubeermann says:

      You’re welcome.
      Do you have a kinky tumblr?

      • mondfeuer says:

        Not at this time, but i think about it since a long time.
        At the moment there are only 2 tumblr i have running, one for photos i make ( ) and one to repost things i like ( ) but all more or less spiritual, art and such things.

      • mondfeuer says:

        Since yesterday i have a kinky tumblr:
        Not much till now, but things i like 😉

  2. blaubeermann says:

    Let me know if you get one started, will you? 🙂
    Are you into chastity, too?

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