Gay Men Problems

Usually, I don’t argue about my gay life in a straight world, but sometimes I’m really pissed off. It’s everyday life to be counted as straight when talking to people. Nobody tends to ask how my husband or partner does, instead they ask how my wife is. By now, I sometimes just answer without correcting them, because it’s so annoying to hear them say “oh, you’re gay? I would not have guessed that!”. I mean, huh?! On the other hand, I’m really fed up with people telling me they knew I was gay at first glance. “Because of your movements”. Oh sure, as I tend to serve coffee in Bob Fosse style! Or “because you’re so well-clad”. Haha, yeah, wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt is quite gay. Or “because you’re so sensitive”. Yes. Being gay is about talking about my feelings and crying after watching Casablanca most of the time…

Another thing that really gets me freaking out are flirty straight women. You know, I’ve been brought up in a world where men were regarded as cock-driven idiots who are after every woman and who could not really be told apart from a bear in heat. But to be honest, I have never in my whole life witnessed a man as offensive as a flirty woman (but I guess that’s because all gay men are so sensitive…). I can’t even count the occassions in which especially John got chatted up that offensive that I wondered how much longer it would need until she’d hand him over her bra, forgetting about that idiot on John’s side, which usually is me. We’re sitting in a café, talking, and a woman’s showing up at the table, starting a conversation with John only, ignoring me, ignoring the wedding rings both of us have on their fingers. No two minutes later, he’s got her number. I mean, WTF?! He usually is ok with that, I guess he feels flattered, and of course I grant him this fun, but most times it hurts me. You know, like being invisible or not worthy being noticed. Perhaps John and W either have both developed a certain winking agreement with being chatted up by straight women, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Yeah, and I’m writing all of this down, because yesterday my husband was chatted up again by a straight woman who even did not mind putting her hand on his chest while talking. I just got mad watching this.


2 thoughts on “Gay Men Problems

  1. mondfeuer says:

    that´s hard….i´m sorry to hear this…

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