At the moment, I feel better, which is John’s merit. After those blackouts I really need something physical, you know, like exercising, feeling weight, having rough sex. John handed me over a list with chores and just when I was cleaning our kitchen cupboards, he entered from the garden, maneuvered me to a chair, opened my trousers and unlocked me. “Two minutes”, he told me, with a look at his watch. I was so puzzled, I almost did not get it, but then started to wank. Because he had hit me by surprise, I did not cum, but when he forced me back into the device, I felt better. Somehow.

Later that evening, when he had returned from working out, he told me to lay on our bed and just packed himself upon me, sweaty as he was. Oh, so many contradictory emotions. Liking it, hating it, wanting to get rid of him, craving him, wanting and not wanting to smell his sweat. But all in all, feeling weight is a good idea. Makes me feel more calm and centered.

Today, I was in the garden. When John returned home, he wore that certain smile and told me to pick a bunch of nettles and come in. Oh gosh. Any poor sub knows what will follow. And it did. First, he just put some nettles into my pants and telling me to prepare dinner. Sitting. Do you know how big and harmful nettles are at this time of the year? Check it out then. I suppose he enjoyed dinner more than I did. After making the dishes, he commanded me to our playroom, had me undress and gave me a bad spanking with the nettles. It’s not only that these littles jerks feel quite like a whip when they hit, they even cause this stinging and burning sensation. First you think you can handle it, but the pain increases. The more time you give them to do their magic, the worse it gets. Needless to say that I was leaking precum like crazy and feeling my cock trying to get hard desperately.

John took his time, as always. Granted me enough time to come back to breath before starting over again. He made me present my hole, rubbing it with nettles and even putting them inside of me. Hell yeah, that hurts! Finally, he had me kneeling on the floor. He took off the Birdlock and immediately I had a boner. “What day?”, he asked. “98th, Sir”, I replied, hoping for relief. Again that smile. “Take some of them and try to get you off. I’ll grant you five minutes”. Taking the nettles with my naked hand took some courage, but wanking with them was vicious. On the one hand, it felt so good, and on the other hand I wanted nothing more than to stop. What more to tell? I did not make it. The second chance in two days for an orgasm, and I could not do it.

John made sure that my balls got a good rub of nettles as well before locking me back in. Another day without climaxing. Being fucked with my hole stinging and feeling swollen was a challenge, but I made it, being rewarded with bitter and salty cum to be eaten from my useless clitty. Have some eyecandy over at my tumblr for all nettles-friends:

Now my sweet husband is already asleep. I had to collect all the leaves and bits and clean the playroom and now I watch porn instead of going to bed. Need an orgasm so desperately that it makes me almost aggressive. But I feel better today.


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