Bonding Day

Bonding Day, always special to me, because it challenges my view towards closeness and distance and as John constantly undercuts my private sphere, it sometimes annoys me and therefore turns me on 😉

Bonding Day, the rules:

  1. I wear a collar and leather cuffs all day and all night long, no exception
  2. I have a clothes line attached to the D-ring in the collar which needs to be tied to a piece of furniture or a door or so in order to limit movements
  3. I have to seek John’s nearness constantly and grant him being very close to me
  4. I am not to close any door behind me. No privacy

Sounds kind of fun, right? I tell you, it starts being fun, but sooner or later it gets very difficult and nasty. Wearing a collar and the cuffs, that’s nice, but having a strictly limited ability to move around is annoying. John keeps me on a rope that is about 5 mtrs long, but cuts it down if he’s in the mood. Leaving the table if he does not want you to? Impossible. Being tied to the toilet? For sure.

I like to feel John. I really do. But spending about 24 hrs having him THAT close is demanding. He barely lets go of me, always there are his hands or arms, even his legs or his whole body, touching me and holding me down, feeling me up for hours, leaving me horny and sore and with no hope for an orgasm. And yeah, not even being allowed to close the door behind me when peeing or, you know, doing something else, triggers and turns me on at the same time. Ugh.

Going out on a Bonding Day is quite an event as the cuffs and the collar with the clothes line stay on. During winter, he allows to put a scarf around my neck, but surely not during summer. When driving by car, he chains me to the car with handcuffs. When doing some shopping, he tells me not to let go of the cart and keep both hands on it. When going for a walk, I am not allowed to let go of his hand, just like a two year old would be.

Sleeping means being tied to the bed and having him sleep very close to me or on me. Showering means being tied to the radiator and having to stay under the water until he thinks I’m ready (and sometimes includes a rough washing with a stiff brush). Eating is about being firmly tied to the chair, barely being able to move and having my face more or less inside my muesli.

Bonding Day feels like a day in prison, which I was used to during my childhood and which gets me going. It’s about John living out his oh so bittersweet dominant, cruel side, clad in kindness, mocking me being unable to pee, being unable to get a stiffy, just being his titty-clitty-son who needs bonding to his Dad.

Loving it.

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