Off For Holidays

Tomorrow, John and I will be heading to the south of France. Two weeks just the two of us, the sea and ridiculous gorgeous sun sets 🙂 John is looking forward to relaxing on the beach and visiting small villages, and I am actually just trying not to think about how far from home I’ll be (the furthest I’ve ever been!). I’m taking my pencils and a plain sketchbook with me, so in critical situations I’ll just hold on to them and to my husband’s hand. It’ll be the last trip with John’s old car, and I guess for me it’s a kind of stag party as I really loved this car, even if I broke it.

After two weeks in the south, we’ll meet Leo for another week in the Alsace in a small village. A lot of vino for my companions, I guess, and hopefully a bit of hiking and more drawing for me.

It’ll be the first time Ginny will be among strangers in a foreign environment, and I’m a bit concerned about that. We’ll see.

Ok then, have a good time and see you in August!


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