127 Days

When I awoke this morning, my sweet husband lay next to me, stroking my back. I smiled, but kept my eyes closed. Just too good to open them. My last day off, on Monday I’ll be back in the café and John will be back to his office. After a few moments, I knew what he was up to, and and rolled over to welcome him. I like just feeling him, no talking, no need for any explanations. But something was different, and when I felt him grabbing the key, my heart was pounding. I did not really hope for more but T&D, but when he released me, I enjoyed this freedom. And then he let his fingers wander…

He took his time, as always. He says, there’s no gain in rushing, and I guess he’s right, but waiting so fraught for being locked in again, I did not dare hoping for more. But he kept on and on and on and had me almost there, when he stopped. Gosh. He just smiled and drew me closer, then started again. Only to edge me again. I began trembling. He whispered to me like only he can do. Sweet like honey, and his words cut like a knife.

This time he pushed me over the edge and it was so unexpected (yet hoped for) that I almost missed it. It was intense, but somehow very delicate.

And then? He did not lock me in again, just left me there and went showering. I did not know if I was allowed to, but I wanked until I came again. Oh delight.

127 days of chastity are over now. At the moment I’m not wearing the Birdlock. Feels confusing and very, very well 🙂


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