Me And My Left Hand

Since I’ve had my Birdlock taken off, I have been masturbating a lot. Like ten times a day or so. First of all, I had a lot of pressure to release, and then I have not been sure about if or when John would put me back into chastity and I really wanted to seize the time 🙂 At the moment I guess it will be a while before he will lock me in again, because my sweetheart has found a new game he really likes. If I want to wank, I have to do t with him attending. Most times, he interferes a bit, touches me wherever, kisses and teases me, but sometimes he just watches. As soon as I let my hand wander to my cock and start wanking, he will hit my hand with a ruler or the handle of a fly swat. Yeah, and I think he does not mind if some other parts are his target as well 😉

While watching and disciplining me, he makes certain remarks, such as “well, I told you, honey, masturbation is a dirty business” or stuff like that. I would not have guessed that, but that gets me going. Really going. I like to be told how dirty I am and to get punished for masturbating. I like to feel my fingers hurt and getting numb, while trying to keep moving. And I like the welts it leaves on my skin, very well to see the whole day, and just on my left hand… Oh yes, and I like to lay beside my cruel lover at night with him feeling me up and whispering to my ear “du brauchst gar nicht hart werden, Du hattest Dein Zuckerchen heute schon…”. Ugh. Better than a Birdlock.


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