Got ‘Em

Yesterday, I had my nails done and just wanted to leave a quick note before rushing into the weekend. It took about forever (2 hrs!) to have them done, but I enjoyed the whole process, although it felt a bit weird to be the center of attention. The nail artist was very kind. She had helped me with my first and very clumsy attempt to put on nails by myself and I guess going through that together somehow made us feel a bit familiar with each other LOL Anyway, she was very interested in why I wanted my nails done and why I have not been there in a dress this time. Uhm. Probably it was the first time I tried to explain what it is about Ginny and Blaubeermann. She was very open about it and I felt comfortable. At least she told me she works for quite a lot of shemales and transgender, so that it was not really embarrassing.

I have chosen a clear, but slightly pink nail polish, but I have to admit that once having crossed that border, I was considering a really pink nail polish with glitter in it LOL It was good to hear her say that the nails somehow fit me as I really do not have especially manly hands, you know, I’m quite petite, at least for a man.

John and I met for lunch afterwards and I was excited to find out how he likes the nails, and it turned out that he was quite turned on by them. But as he had to go back to work, I went home alone, dressed up and when he returned home, well, you guess what.

Today, I’ve been especially nervous about going to work. My boss just grinned when she saw the nails, and my so-workers did either not see them or were okay with them. I guess I have baffled some customers LOL

As the nails are quite short (only slightly longer than I use to wear mine), it’s uncomplicated to do my chores with them on, but the nail artist suggested I might wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes and mob.

Everytime I look at my hands, I really admire the nails and the feeling they give me. It seems like I’m more aware of every gesture and movement and I feel gladly gurlish and somehow glam. This evening I will find out how my family thinks about them and I’m nervous about it. Since our last argument, my brother said he stopped reading here because it annoys him regularly, so that I suppose he does not know about the nails yet. I’ll see, but I’m prepared for not the most positive reaction.


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