On The Phone

Got a call from Master yesterday evening. He just murmured “listen closely!”. I was confused, but I did. Obviously, he had his fun with another guy and made me listen to them for almost two hours. After they had seperated, there was his voice again, satisfied, sweet as honey, sharp like a knife. He questioned me about my feelings. Was I aroused? Hell, yes. Was I jealous? Yes. He laughed mildly. “And guess what’s the best part?” I don’t know. “Kein Zuckerchen für Dich, Schlampe.”

I told him I love him and that I miss him, and he reminded me of my task neither to make me cum nor to hurt myself. I find that’s a tall order. I’m so horny, yet angry with myself. Craving him, craving his cock, his cum, craving to be humiliated and used. It’s hard to think of ways to relieve the horniness and the anger. Wanking would be good. Hurting would be good. Running can’t do it…

When he’ll return on Friday, I’ll be on my knees in the hall, begging to serve and to be owned again. I really hope tomorrow will pass without another call of that kind.


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