Two Of A Kind

Last week, I did some shopping to satisfy my need for women’s panties. For some months now, I only have been wearing them and have not touched any of my normal boxers at all. That’s just how much I love them 🙂 They make me feel good, they are ways more beautiful and fancy and they always remind me of that fact that Ginny’s become a big part of my life.

When I searched through the aisles, there was another guy. We exchanged quick looks, but decided to ignore each other. You know,i t’s always a bit odd to be there, among all these bras and panties and stuff, as a guy. Usually I try to look like I’d search something for my not-existent girlfriend, because I’m a coward LOL But I guess most times I’m looked through anyway 🙂 Guys who really want to buy something for their wifes behave in another way. They seem undecided and helpless and surely not as knowing like guys who wear those panties themselves 🙂

Anyway, after I was finished in the undies-department, I moved on to the dresses (it was a sale and I was out of control UGH). They had a beautiful light dress in black and white and just when I searched for my size, there was this guy again, over at the long dresses. Again we exchanged quick glances, then moved on. I made my way through the aisles and just when I was in a section with almost no one alse attending, there was this guy again. This time he smiled shyly and came over to say hello. He just said “Du bist mir vorhin schon aufgefallen” (you already attracted my attention earlier). You see, writing about it all and fucking about with strangers is one thing, as long as John is with me, but being confronted with a man who obviously thinks I’m not an ugly bitch is another thing! I’m abysmally shy, I tell you! I could feel how red I was getting and just smiled (and I thought that saying nothing is a better alternative to saying something stupid, right?). He introduced himself to me and before I even knew it, we had a little chat.

It turned out he was nice and he invited me to have a tea with him, as soon as I’d have paid. I told him that before I’d say yes, I wanted to call my partner, and he agreed. John was bemused and told me to enjoy myself, but be careful. Bless his heart, that was so cute 🙂 So, the guy and I went to a nice café and seated ourselves a bit apart from the others. I know it doesn’t quite sound like that, but I’m really shy, even more if John’s not with me, and it was funny to witness myself talking so openly about what I had just bought. I didn’t tell him about Ginny, but obviously he could see her blink through. When he asked me whether I was transsexual, I told him that I am not, but that I like to play around with that feminine side of myself and that it has become a huge part of my life. Apparently he thawed the more the longer we talked, and after a while he told me that he likes to dress up gurlish as well, but has never told anyone about it, ever. We talked the afternoon away and when we had to say goodbye, we had exchanged numbers.

I was very excited about my new friend and when John came home that evening, I told him all about Andrea (which is his gurly name). Of course my sweet husband could hear through what was in my mind, and after a while he just said “you want to play with her”. Uhm. Yes. I wouldn’t have said that, but yes, I guess I want to. So, to put a long story short, last weekend and and this Wednesday, the three of us met, to give us the opportunity to get to know each other better. You can tell by that that it’s not just about fucking, as for me there’s so much connected to it, and I can’t even tell why. Perhaps because Andrea’s the first other gurl I meet in person? Or because it would be exciting to have someone to chat about all that gurly stuff and exchange make up tools? LOL I don’t know. But tonight I’ll find out how far I want to go. John will be there, watching us, taking pictures, but interfering only if we both want him to. I’m OK with that, I always feel better with him attending. I’m very, very excited!


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