This week was so busy, I didn’t manage to write about the Friday before last Friday when Andrea came over.

When she arrived, I had already dressed up, but she only needed 30 minutes to dress up as well. She’s a lot faster than me 🙂 I was very excited, but John was cute: he had brought cake with him and I made tea so that we just sat down, talked and had tea to get comfortable with each other. John seemed as curious as I was and the longer we sat there, the more questions he asked, without making her feel uncomfortable. She told us about how she found out about Andrea and her gurlish existence and needs, and I tried to explain how I feel about Ginny and how much she’s a part of myself right now. You know, although I have John and friends who accept me as I am, it was nice to talk to someone who’s gurlish, too, and to find out that some of my thoughts and feelings seem to be quite normal for folks like us.

Well, I guess I could talk about our meeting more detailed, but actually I just want to say that we enjoyed the time we spent together and that we’ve met again. To be honest, I hope I found a friend in her and in her everyday life self as well.

Next week, Leo will be here for some days. I can’t wait to see him again, because it’s been quite a while since we met the last time. John and he have met each other more often, but I didn’t have the time to come with John or I thought the both of them would need time for themselves, so I didn’t join them. But now I’m really excited to meet him again 🙂



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