A Gift For Me :)

While John and Leo are taking a nap snuggled up on the couch, I take time to write. It’s so good to have Leo with us, and I enjoy every single minute 🙂

Last Sunday evening, John surprised me with a cute gift. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting a Pandora bracelet. For those of you who don’t know about them: first, you buy a plain bracelet (made of silver, gold, chains or leather) and then you can add beads and charms to it. Each bead and charm is different. For example, you can buy little leaves of clover, hearts, keys and so on and beads made of silver, gold, wood or glass. So cute! I have adored them for ages, but I thought it would be too expensive and somehow ways too gurlish, as if my nails were manly 🙂

Anyway, John obviously listened closely. On Sunday evening, when I had just finished the dishes, he came over, pulled me near and told me that he loves me and that he knows that I’ve been struggling with a lot of stuff in the past weeks and that I’m still not really over having gotten my hair cut. Then he handed me a box, wrapped in pink paper. You know, in the past he has often asked me with what he could surprise and delight me, but most times I just told him that I’m happy and would not need anything special. When he generously decided I should have a new car, I was speechless, and so was I when I unwrapped the gift. It was a silver bracelet with a heart-shaped bead on it. So romantic, I had to cry. He said “I just wanted to say thank you”, which made me cry even more. Ugh.

He asked me not to go and buy beads by myself, because he wants to choose them and give them to me on special occasions like for the forced haircut. He added with a blink: “It shouldn’t be too easy, right?”. Right, Sir.

I’m ridiculously happy with my bracelet and wear it all day and all night. To my surprise, my boss, my co-workers and my friends just asked me about it but didn’t say anything about me wearing a women’s piece of jewellery. Seems they have accepted Ginny, even those who I haven’t told about her. That’s awesome 🙂


One thought on “A Gift For Me :)

  1. mondfeuer says:

    so sweet ❤

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